Bamboo Bongs

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There are many types of bongs or "water pipes" on the market, made from a variety of materials. From plastic to glass to metal to ceramic and beyond, there are different materials with different benefits and drawbacks each. A material often overlooked but very effective is bamboo.

Bamboo Bongs can come is almost any shape and style, as with other materials. They can be as simple as a bamboo tube sealed at one end with a stem opening drilled in or they can be intricately carved affairs with multiple pieces of bamboo sealed together to create different styles and designs.

The bamboo can be painted or have a number of metal, plastic or other materials embedded into it. This increases the design and style options and allows for a great deal of customization.

Bamboo is a hard substance and it is unlikely that a bamboo bong with break if dropped. It is a lightweight, durable material and a properly cared for bamboo bong could last a lifetime.

Bamboo bongs can be hand-carved, making some of them unique pieces of art as well as smoking utensils. This also allows for a high level of craftsmanship for these hand-carved bongs as each is crafted individually by an experienced artisan.

Users often say that bamboo and glass bongs are the best materials to make bongs out of. Both are lightweight and don't interfere with the taste of what is being smoked; some even prefer bamboo, as they can taste the all natural flavor of the bamboo from the fibers inside. While glass can be blown to include many additional devices, such as a percolator, but as mentioned above, bamboo won't break on you easily, whereas glass is quite fragile.

Bamboo bongs can also be easier to clean. Unlike most substances, they don't require hot water: Cold water and rubbing alcohol, with a handful of dry rice, can get the inside of a bamboo piece clean in moments and then rinse clean quickly.

Bamboo is not cost prohibitive either, with many low cost options available, though higher end, more intricate bamboo pieces certainly exist.

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