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Chillums are unique, conical shaped pipes that are traditionally made of clay. The rich heritage of chillums places them as a historic pipe that has been used since at least the eighteenth century by Hindu sadhus in India.

The pipes were often used in rituals in India and Africa to smoke tobacco and herb. Traditionally a tightly fitting chillum stone was placed in the middle of the chillum to act as a filter and stop debris from being inhaled by the user.

The distinct size and shape of chillums make them a cool smoking pipe, with a rich history. They’re often made from stone, wood, glass and clay. Like most pipes, chillums can be used by placing herb on one end and lit while the smoker inhales on the other end.

Chillums are the #1 choice for herb smokers. Release your inner Rastafarian or unleash your sadhu with one of our diverse chillums. Grasscity stock brands such as Empire Glass Works- classed as some of the best chillums for sale on the market and resemble pieces of artwork.

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