Dugout Pipes

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Dugout pipes feature a classic slider lid system in a portable package. The lid slides to the side to reveal a dugout compartment for you to stash your herb or tobacco. There’s a separate compartment for your one-hitter pipe.

The great thing about dugout pipes is their ease-of-use. To use the pipe, all you have to do is dip the bat into the dugout to load your pipe up with herb or tobacco and fire it up for a quick blast of your favourite smoking material. Close the lid and pop the dugout in your pocket or purse, ready to travel with you or for another toke when need be.

At Grasscity, we have quite the selection of dugout pipes, primed and ready to use for your convenience. From big brands like Cheech & Chong to the stylish and cool Teak Wood. We’ve got exactly what you need to be an elegant and savvy smoker.

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