Stone Herb Grinders

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Before grinders were made from fancy materials like acrylic and metal, stone grinders were all the rage to break up, separate and grind down herbs, seeds and flowers. Stone herb grinders have evolved quite a bit over the years but the basic tried and tested design is still the same. Classic stone grinders feel comfortable in the hand, are easy to use and maintain.

Our selection of handcrafted stone herb grinders, polished stone grinders and metal teeth grinders come in a big selection of cool styles, funky colours and decorative designs. From engraved hemp leaves to ying-yang symbols, we offer a selection of the coolest stone herb grinders available on the market. All of our grinders are extremely durable and tough, so they’ll last for years if looked after and maintained correctly.

Whether you want a portable pocket-sized grinder for that festival, or you’re in search of a special gift for your smoke buddy, rest assured that we have the right stone herb grinder to fit your smoking needs.

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