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Getting a set of scales for your grass isn't something that you can just do with one click. But lucky you, at Grasscity, we have a myriad of styles and kinds that will work best for you. We've put together a catalog of scales that are accurate and you can rely on.

We have scales that you can fit in your pocket, or maybe you prefer something that you can place on your table. We also have ones that look like a computer mouse or even an mp3 player. We have anything and everything that you need in a scale.

Our scales can accurately measure and weigh your product based on grams, ounces, grains, and even carats. They also have the latest features for high-precision scales. All are professional-grade and digital-- no need for you to get cross-eyed while checking the weight. All you have to do is wait for the numbers to pop right up on the screen, and voila!

Grasscity has scales that you will definitely love to have in your arsenal. We guarantee that you'll only get what's worth your money. You won't be shortchanged by anyone-- you can weigh and measure your product with great precision.

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