Stone Pipes

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Our biggest and toughest selection of stone pipes knows how to make a strong statement. Whether you’re new to smoking or you’ve been smoking herb for a while, stone pipes offer a clean taste that really lets you enjoy the flavour. The smooth, polished stone provides a sleek finish that stays cool to the touch when burning your favourite herb.

The stone pipes that we offer at Grasscity are ideal for use as a one-hitter for herbs, tobacco or kief. If you need something for a longer session or for passing around, we also offer pipes that have a big bowl for longer use. Discreetly carry our pipes in your pocket or purse and safely store your pre-packed bowl, without worrying about any mess.

Crafted from marble cast stone and soapstone, these pipes are reliable, durable and easy to clean using a combination of pipe cleaners or rubbing alcohol for a crisp, fresh hit every time you want to take a toke.

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