Ceramic Pipes

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Whether you’re smoking tobacco or your favourite herb, a ceramic pipe offers the cleanest taste available. The sturdy structure and weighty feel of ceramic make it the go-to smoking tool for avid smokers that want something a little different.

Our range of ceramic pipes is unique pieces of art, crafted by the hands of creative minds that can also be placed on desks and shelves, without anyone giving them a second glance.

The strength of ceramic makes it a durable material that can withstand use to keep the flavour of your herb fresher for longer. Similarly to other stone pipes, ceramic is easy to clean using pipe cleaners or rubbing alcohol for a smooth draw, every time you use it.

At Grasscity, we don’t do things by halves. Our ceramic selection boasts practicality and usability. We want you to enjoy your smoking experience and that’s why we offer durable ceramic pipes that are easy to clean and pack a punch with flavour.

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