Bong Cleaners

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A clean bong is a good bong and you’re gonna need some good quality cleaners and brushes to achieve that. They’re 100% legal and you can proudly display them at home— provided that you know how to maintain their beauty. If you regularly clean your bong, you’ve probably noticed how long it lasts and how the smoke tastes much better. Here at Grasscity, we know the importance of proper bong maintenance and we have products that can help you maintain your equipment.

We don’t encourage people to use brushes that can destroy the quality of the glass. We can offer you stuff like ROOR’s Bong Cleaning Solution. It’s formula is specially made to clean glass bongs and accessories. All you need is some hot water, the solution, and a few minutes to get a squeaky clean bong that looks brand spanking new.

Not someone who smokes from a bong? Then we have cleaners for your hand pipe. Gone are the days when you’d just pick up whatever is skinny enough to fit in your pipe to clean it up. Pipe cleaners aren’t just something that’s used for arts and crafts. Use it for its intended purpose of cleaning pipes, and you’ll find your hits coming out tasty and crisp. So go ahead and check out our selection, and see the difference of having clean equipment when you smoke!

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