Volcano Vaporizer

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Without a doubt, the Volcano is the premier name in desktop vaporizers. One of the original pioneers of desktop vaporizers, we have the Volcano to thank for game changing features such as precise digital temperature controls, forced air vaporizing, and even those delicious bags of vapor which make such a fantastic party treat.

If you’re completely new to Volcano Vaporizers, let’s give you a brief rundown of what they do. Let’s walk through how you’d use one!

How A Volcano Vaporizer Works

First, turn on the Volcano and give it a minute or two to warm up. Meanwhile, prepare some dry herb by chopping or grinding it into a loose, airy bundle. Load your herb into the Volcano’s small bowl and place it down into the heating element.

Within a few seconds, your herb will be reaching its vaporization temperature and begin to produce a tasty, smooth vapor rich with the active ingredients in your herb! You can inhale this directly through a tube (known as a whip, sort of like you might have with a hookah.) Or you can use the Volcano Vaporizer’s internal fans to blow the vapor into a bag, which can be passed around!

If you prefer something completely different, you can use the whip in combination with the forced air fan feature to get an assisted hit. You don’t even need to inhale to enjoy the Volcano Vaporizer!

What Is Vaporizing?

In traditional smoking, the active ingredients in your dry herb material are released by burning the plant matter in a process known as combustion. While combustion does a great job of releasing the aroma and active ingredients, it also has all sorts of undesirable byproducts.

These are things like tars, resins, and ash, which gunk up smoking equipment and cause irritation to the lungs and airways.

Vaporization skips combustion entirely. Instead of using the extreme heat of an open flame, the Volcano Vaporizer uses an electric heating element to gently heat your herb to the desired temperature without burning it.

The result is an extremely smooth, tasty vapor which is far easier on your body!

But don’t let the gentle experience of inhaling vapor fool you! Especially from a device as capable as the Volcano Vaporizer, that vapor could even be more potent than what you’re used to smoking. Always exercise caution and moderation when trying new things!

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