Electric Herb Grinders

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Feeling lazy, having trouble grinding up those juicy dense buds? Don’t worry this section will have the right tool for your grinding needs! Here you will be able to check out and scroll through our selection of the best portable and hand held electric grinders currently available.

Electric grinders are ideal for medical marijuana patients who suffer from conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis and other chronic pain. These conditions prevent smokers from using normal and more traditional grinders, simply because it is too painful. We offer a range of electric grinding devices that are designed to take the hard work out of prepping your herbs and tobacco mix.

One of our top sellers is the Chewy Electric Herb Grinder that effortlessly grinds up your herb into a fluffy manageable consistency and safely stores it in its special easy pour storage compartment. We also stock the revolutionary vibrating electric herb grinder from Sharpstone. This ingenious device doesn't grind up your buds but it does vibrate to sift, separate and safely store your precious kief in its removable lower storage compartment.

All our electric grinders are handheld and battery operated making them super portable and easy to use almost anywhere. Impress all your smoke buddies and say goodbye to that aching wrist pain. Order one of our electric grinders today for an unbeatable price at Grasscity.co.uk.

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